Agoraphobia: Fear of Fear

When person with Agoraphobia is fearful of those activities which used to enjoy before but now avoids a number of ordinary activities and places. This avoidance usually occurs from panic attack. This fear impacts in people’s functioning, then this information will help you to learn various techniques to  how to overcome with Agoraphobia.


What Is Agoraphobia:

Agoraphobia involves intense fear and anxiety about your panic attacks you’ll worry that you simply will have a scare during a place or situation during which escape would be difficult. You’ll even be afraid that you simply will humiliate yourself ahead of others.

Additionally, many of us with agoraphobia are scared of having panic attacks in places where nobody would be available to assist them. The extreme fear and anxiety related to agoraphobia often cause avoidance behaviors. This occurs once you prefer to stand back from various places and situations that you simply fear will trigger a scare.

A typical example would be an individual who avoids several ordinary activities and situations, like highway driving, large supermarkets, and crowded theaters and churches. Even a light case are often an enormous burden, because people with Agoraphobia experience many shame, frustration, and anticipatory worry, additionally to the loss of the power to participate in activities you wont to enjoy.

The original meaning of the word involves from the Greeks, and it meant “fear of the marketplace”. Today we understand the matter to be much broader than fear of one location or another – it’s fear of anything or anywhere that you simply think might cause a scare . But the very fact that the traditional Greeks had a word for it tells us that this problem has been around for a short time.


Symptoms And Signs: 

Common samples of situations or places that make fear and anxiety include standing in line at a bank or at a supermarket checkout, sitting within the middle of an extended row during a theater or classroom, and using public transportation, like a bus or an airplane.


Diagnosis of Agoraphobia:

• Clinical criteria-

Diagnosis is clinical supported criteria within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5).

To meet the DSM-5 criteria for diagnosis, patients must have marked, persistent (≥ 6 months) fear of or anxiety about ≥ 2 of the subsequent situations:
• Using public transportation
• Being in open spaces (eg, parking  zone , marketplace)
• Being in an indoor place (eg, shop, theater)
• Standing in line or being during a crowd
• Being alone outside the house

Fear must involve thoughts that shake things could be difficult or that patients would receive no help if they became incapacitated by fear or a scare.


• Cognitive-behavioral therapy
• Sometimes a selective serotonin  re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI)

Treatment is required, if symptoms are in severity and unable to mange in daily life, also affecting your functioning, then you can go to psychiatrist. The symptoms may be control without formal treatment also. You need to analyze your situations, and then decide which treatment is required.

It has been observed that CBT, Cognitive-behavioral therapy is always effective for people with agoraphobia. This therapy involves and support patients to understand their self concept, to acknowledge and to control their distorted thinking and false beliefs.

Many patients with agoraphobia enjoy drug therapy which prescribed by specialist.

How to Overcome With Agoraphobia And Reduce Its Symptoms:

If you’re afraid to go away your home thanks to agoraphobia, you’re presumably experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation. However, there are some steps you’ll fancy manage your symptoms. The subsequent explains ways to deal with and overcome your avoidance behaviors.

Seek Professional Help:

Agoraphobia may be a treatable condition. There are many psychological state specialists who are going to be ready to review your symptoms, diagnose your condition, and develop a treatment plan. These specialists are going to be prepared to supply you with a secure and effective recovery plan.

Agoraphobia typically develops within the primary year that an individual begins having persistent and unexpected panic attacks. Therefore, it’s important to hunt out professional help as soon as symptoms arise.

However, people with disabling and long-term agoraphobia typically have positive results and enhancements through professional help.

Learn Relaxation Techniques:

Relaxation techniques are helpful for mostly phobias. This is a self-help strategy which will help alleviate your feelings of hysteria. It’s motto to release the tension of your body and mind, and provide constant relaxation of nervousness of your brain.

These techniques you can learn easily at home also apply at your own pace and time. This is very beneficial to handle your panic attacks, manage your negative thoughts and get instant result of relaxation. You can start practicing these strategies at home.

Take a couple of Deep Breaths and Calm anxiety disorder

Practice Desensitization:

Desensitization may be a popular coping technique which will be learned on your own or through therapy. It involves the utilization of your imagination to assist overcome triggers related to your panic attacks and feelings of hysteria . Desensitization works by helping you gradually unlearn your fears.

Desensitization begins by gradually imaging yourself in anxiety-provoking situations while learning the way to relax through your feelings of apprehension.

While picturing yourself in places or situations that typically trigger panic attacks, you’ll use a relaxation technique to figure through your fears and anxieties. Over time, you’ll be ready to visualize yourself in feared situations and yet feel on top of things of your anxiety.

By learning to relax through panic-inducing visualizations, you’ll eventually be ready to reduce panic and avoidance behaviors.

Reduce Your Stress:

Stress are often a serious source of hysteria . Stress has been known to contribute to several physical and psychological state problems. Additionally, an excessive amount of stress can potentially trigger a number of your symptoms. Its important to practice yoga,breathing exercise and some relaxation technique to manage your stress.

Agoraphobia has with two key steps

First, you find out how to reply to panic attacks in ways in which calm them down, instead of aggravate things .

Secondly, as you recover with those skills, you practice them in additional and tougher circumstances, until you’ve got regained all the territory that you simply previously gave up to panic.

This type of treatment is typically called exposure treatment, and it’s considered the foremost effective treatment available for panic and agoraphobia.


This problem will persist as long as you’ve got such a fear of panic attacks that you simply get tricked into treating them as a Danger, and counting on safety behaviors in an attempt to avoid panic attacks. Therefore the road to recovery starts with learning the way to manage panic attacks.

Agoraphobia is a treatable problem. The problem is, many of us find it very difficult to beat often because they think the answer is to first find how to urge obviate their fears, then re-enter the situations they need come to avoid.

Agoraphobia treatment supported Cognitive Behavioral methods, exposure therapy and various relaxation therapies can assist you overcome.


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