how to protect your mental health

Mental Health and COVID 19

Understanding yourself and Emotions:

Life is full of happiness but this pandemic time, the situation is not in our control, it creates a lot of uncertainty. We all are stuck at the half-filled box, half of the box full of anxiousness, loneness, sadness, nervousness. The negative emotions make a space in the subconscious mind, works slowly like a poison in the body, mind, and behavior. 

Every Individual can realize and evaluate the fear which is impacted on their mental health, and break the pattern of negativity. 

To break the cycle of fear and negativity, people have to understand their mental health, issues, needs, emotions, patterns, and work to keep mentally healthy. 

how to protect your mental health

Understanding your mental health:

It is very obvious now to have experienced many emotions and feelings together which is disturbing on our mind because pandemic and situation are getting worst every day. We are listening to negative news every single day and negativity around develops in the subconscious mind. We all have the power to evaluate our feeling and thoughts and regenerate in a positive direction. But first, understand your behavior and the feelings behind your behavior. Hence, important to understand your mind and control your way.
If your mind is working against you, there is no place for you to understand the actual situation which is real, not exaggerated. But if you can work to improve your mental health and become stable, people can deal with many difficult situations patiently. I might say that people who do regular meditation and exercise become better people to solve stressful situations in an efficient way.
When you react to situations and people to it in a certain way, and this is impacted on your mental health. Nobody can cause suffering to you, mentally. They do things and you react and torture yourself. But if you come to a place where, without anyone doing anything, suffering is simply happening, it may be a psychological condition

Tips to protect your mental health: 

  1. Talking about feeling and be active with your social groups
  2. Care for others Value your self 
  3. Take care of your body ( Eat Healthy, Drink Sensibly) 
  4. Learn how to deal with yourself 
  5. Quiet your mind ( Practice Meditation) 
  6. Set realistic goals and Work with your strengths
  7. Break the monotony and Get help when you need it.
  8. Take 30 minutes to go for a walk in nature
  9. Focus on the things you can control 
  10. Manage your Emotions 
  11. Maintain meaningful relationship with body, mind, and work ( Practice Yoga )

Tips for people living with mental illness:

  1. Take your medicines on time 
  2. Regular touch with your Doctor, counselor, social worker, and life coach 
  3. Take care of your health- Do yoga and exercise regularly 
  4. Being in touch with your social connection (phone, text, talk to your parents, etc.) 
  5. Work with your goals, make realistic goals, and work towards it. 

Take Away:

  • Understand your emotions, health and make sure to work towards to maintain it 
  • If you are being treated for mental health issues, and alcohol or drug use disorder, be aware that the COVID-19 outbreak may lead to increased feelings of fear, anxiety, and isolation that can increase the risk of relapse, substance use, disengagement from treatment or non-compliance with treatment regimens.
  • Make sure that you continue to take medication as prescribed, particularly if you receive treatment for mental illness 
  •  If you are receiving support through a psychologist or support group, find out how to continue that support during the outbreak

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