Online Group Therapy​


Participate in therapy for anxiety online with a group​

Online Group Therapy is a form of therapy where multiple participants discuss their similar issue(s) with a Mental Health Professional in a private and secure online setting. Group interactions allow participants to build relationships, receive feedback on how to meet goals and overcome challenges, and gain encouragement from others.

Why participate in Online Group Therapy​

  • Research shows that group therapy creates a positive environment for learning and behaviour change
  • Immediate help from a counsellor, and sharing and support from like-participants
  • Freedom to confidentially attend sessions via any digital platform (personal computer, tablet, smartphone)

Online Group Therapy program structure​

Our Online Group Therapy program is currently available for individuals seeking help for anxiety. Online Group Therapy consists of 45 minutes session with each group consisting of eight to ten participants. Group work includes in-session online activities, homework and self-guided learning modules.

How to get started with Online Group Therapy​

• This program is available for individuals seeking help for anxiety; when appropriate, your Client Care Representative will book Online Group Counselling for you
• Follow the instructions in your Online Group Counselling welcome email.


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