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Digital tools can simplify non-profit operations and improve performance by automating administrative tasks and expanding audience reach through social media. Utilizing these tools can save time and money while also providing valuable insights into organizational performance. The investment in digital tools can help non-profits operate more smoothly and achieve their goals more quickly.

Our services Our services Our services Our services Our services

Data Collection Service​

Provide web apps and tools for users to submit data. Include secure data storage and management.

Communication Service​

Offer two-way messaging with users via WhatsApp business to coordinate data collection.

Data Analysis Service​

Analyze submitted data and create custom reports and visualizations using tools like Google Data Studio.

Data Storage Service​

Store and manage data securely in databases. Provide APIs for access.

Monitoring & Evaluation Service​

Generate reports to track progress and identify areas needing improvement. Support operations teams.

Advisory Services​

Consult with clients to determine needs, implement optimal data collection processes, analyze results, and provide strategic recommendations.

The Strategic Data Partners You've Been Looking For

From collection to visualization, our end-to-end services provide the data-driven solutions you deserve to make informed decisions

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