We provide specialized Mental Health Resource Programs

Our mental health programs have helped hundreds of people who used to think that they will never able to overcome their anxiety, deression and other mental health issues. Are you also suffering from any Mental Health Problems? Do not worry...!! Check out our programs and become your own therapist.

How we can help

After doing lot of research, our team has designed programs focused on proven ways to beat your Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Agrophia and Depression during Pregnancy. The step by step guide is so easy that anyone can do it. Nandita, a second year student used to suffer from social anxiety. She took the Link Birds program and she starts seeing results in few weeks. She improved her life and now she has many friends and active social life. 

Support Group

Get exclusive access to our support group where community helps each othere

Stress Reduction

Learn proven techniques to reduce your stress level


A 6 weeks program which is build by experts will help you get out of your problems


By applying our strategies, you can overcome your anxiety

Pregnancy Depression

Having Pre or post pregnancy depression? Get hold of our speacilised program to start feeling good


Overcome from depression without having to go to painful counselling

About Us

We offer Professional Mental Health Resource Programs

Link Birds is started by a couple who have worked as Mental Health professional. One partner has more than decade of experience working with people living with mental illness. After seeing the suffering of people having Mental Health issues, She has come up the idea to create a program which can help them to deal with these problems and live a life they want to live. 

Our team have worked hard to build this program by analysing outcome of each tricks and techniques. They have created this using proven methods. 


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Get Professional Advice for your Better Future

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Clients Testimonials

Check out what our clients have to say about our program

The program has becomme miracle for me. I feel more confident after completing this program. It has also improved my ability to deal with siituations which used to make anxious.
Evelyn Thompson
I feel lucky that I found this program. I must say that I have never experienced like this before. I used the method and instructions from the program and now here I am, started a normal life.
William Bryant
I had social anxiety. I attending lot of counselling session but none of them worked. When I used Link Birds program, I started to see improvement within few weeks.
Link Birds, Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Stress
Rahul Kumar
Student, Mumbai
I was suffering from mild depression. I talked about it with my friends. They supported me. However, I was not able to cope with my depression. Thanks to Link Birds program to enable me overcome it.
Teacher, Delhi