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Link Birds is a platform which focuses on the requirements of people having Mental Health issues. It also has resource center which can be used by anyone. Mental Health becomes need of the hour and still there are hardly any programs availabe which can help people overcome thier Mental Health problems and save them from immense suffering they go through everyday. Our programs has shown results on hundreds of people who thought we will never able to come out of it. Our aim is to provide the tools and techniques which will speed up you recovery.

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Whether you have depression, social anxiety or stress, you can find plenty of free and paid resources which will certainly lead you to live a better life. 

Mental Health

Get hold of our special build program which will not only improve your Mental Health but also strengthen your ability to handle difficult situation.

Social Anxiety

Improve your intraction with people and also create longlasting relationship with strangers by joining our "Remove Social Anxiety in 8 weeks" program.

Stress Reduction

Do not make stress part of your life. Reduce your stress using our 6 strategic techniques which has brought happiness to hundreds of people's lives.


Depression can be very hard to come out. Do not worry..!! People have come back to their normal life after following the instructions given in the program.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for therapy based solution for your problems. Our specialized team will customize the sessions as per your needs.

Support Group

Get a chance to be a part of community who share similar pain and understading as you do. Many can help you by sharing their experience.

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Link Birds is dedicated to help people suffering from Mental Health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, agrophbia etc. We have created a unique program which can not be found in the market. Our program is based on proven research and decade of experience. People who joined the program has seen improvement in their life.

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For any assistance or query, feel free to contact us at support@linkbirds.org